Understanding of the World

We fully support the children in developing their knowledge and understanding in order to help them make sense of a growing and technological world. We promote British values within our nursery, as well as celebrating a variety of festivals and celebrations from other cultures and beliefs. We are lucky to have such a diverse cohort of children from different backgrounds and countries, therefore parents and carers play an integral part in this and are encouraged to come into the nursery and contribute to the children’s understanding of the various cultures and celebrations e.g. helping us understand and celebrate Chinese New Year or Greek Christmas. Our curriculum also includes a variety of activities that provide opportunities for the children to care for the natural world, for example, during our gardening sessions and when we learn about preserving the environment and nature around us. Throughout the year we introduce the children to other aspects of our natural world to include life cycles of butterflies, chickens among others to help broaden their understanding of the cycle of living things.