Outdoor Play

We have 2 lovely gardens that the children can access every day whatever the weather. We also have an all weather outdoor play area which allows the children to explore the outdoors on a free flow basis. Children enjoy playing outside a lot and we actively encourage this therefore it is important that the children are appropriately dressed for the weather as one famous says goes” there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing”.

Nature Garden

Our Nature Garden helps us to carry out some of our Forest School inspired lessons which are led by our Senior members of staff who are trained in Forest School teachings. We encourage the children to embrace nature and we make outdoor learning fun by introducing activities like planting, bug hunts, den building and more, all the time incorporating the EYFS curriculum.

We believe that children have a natural interest to explore their surroundings therefore we ensure that our outdoor environment facilities this, we do all we can to make sure that the provision is interesting and inspires on going learning opportunities for our children.